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SABIC Partners with NUDEC to Launch Renewable PC

The SABIC-NUDEC collaboration targeted to building & construction applications.  


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A collaboration underway between SABIC and Spain’s NUDEC, S.A., a leading manufacturer of clear plastic sheets for numerous industries such as construction, personal and machinery protection, entails the latter’s use of Lexan PC based on certified renewable feedstock in several end applications for these industries.


SABIC & NUDEC collaborate to expand renewable PC in building&construction


As previously reported, SABIC’s certified renewable Lexan PC is part of the company’s Trucircle portfolio and services. Based on a cradle-to-gate peer-reviewed LCA study, use of SABIC’s renewable PC has the potential for carbon footprint reductions of up to 61% and fossil depletion reduction of up to 35%.

SABIC produces PC and blends based on renewable feedstock at its site in Cartagena, Spain. Last year, the site became accredited under the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification Plus (ISCC PLUS) scheme, enabling NUDEC’s products to be defined as certified renewable. The production process follows the mass balance approach, which helps to trace the flow of materials along the supply chain, from the feedstock to the final product, following predefined and transparent rules. NUDEC has also been ISCC certified, in order to give SABIC and NUDEC’s common customers a consistent proof of a sustainable supply chain.

The company’s Cartagena site is also set to become the world’s first of its kind to operate on 100% renewable power (by 2024) following a major project announced last year, further responding to the demand for more sustainable solutions in an increasingly carbon-neutral world.

Said NUDEC CEO Joan Antoni Enrich, “NUDEC is the first in the plastic sheet indus

SABIC & NUDEC collaborate to expand renewable PC in building&c

try to offer an alternative for our customers in order to keep up with the trend towards more sustainability in the development of polycarbonate sheets. By using SABIC’s Lexan PC based on certified renewable feedstock in our polycarbonate sheet, our partnership with SABIC enables us to take firm steps towards more sustainable production, in line with our sustainability strategy and ambition.”

Said Abdullah S. Al-Otaibi, SABIC’S ETP & market solution general manager, “We are delighted to collaborate with NUDEC to introduce our certified renewable polycarbonate into the building and construction sector, helping to create applications that are made to last, and are produced in a more sustainable way. Our certified renewable materials have a lower carbon footprint and are made to the same high specifications and properties as virgin products, whilst still acting as a drop-in solution. This is a great example of how we are committed to innovating and working with partners to change how plastic is made and used, by collaborating across the value chain to create a circular economy where we use our natural resources wisely and responsibly.”