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Stratasys and Origin Partner to Bring 3D-Printed Nasopharyngeal Swabs to Healthcare Providers

Origin plans to increase production from 100,000 per week to over a million per week by May.


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3d-printed nasal swabs

Stratasys and Origin are partnering to deliver millions of 3D-printed nasal swabs to healthcare providers and testing centers. 

Stratasys Inc. and Origin have signed an agreement in which Stratasys will market and promote Origin 3D-printed nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs to healthcare providers and other testing centers in the U.S.

Each Origin One 3D printer has the ability to produce batches of 1,500 Origin NP O1 Swabs at a time, multiple times daily. Origin is moving towards a streamlined process allowing the production of approximately 190,000 per day, or 1.3 million per week.

Stratasys has already been actively serving healthcare systems across the country during the pandemic by leading a coalition that has been providing 3D-printed face shields to nearly 100 front-line organizations. To date, the coalition has provided about 40,000 shields at no cost to health systems.

Stratasys Americas President Rich Garrity said Stratasys is ready to help get millions of swabs to wherever they are most needed. “We have tremendous confidence in Origin’s 3D printing technology, and we’re confident in our ability to help bring them to market efficiently,” he said. 

Origin CEO, Christopher Prucha said Origin is ready to scale quickly. “We believe widespread testing can help save lives and get our economy going again, and we’re confident that our Origin One technology and simple material requirements will be able to produce millions of swabs to meet the need,” he said.

“We’ve been impressed by the speed with which Stratasys has been able to provide thousands of shields to healthcare systems across the country and believe they are the right partner for helping get millions of swabs where they are most needed.”

Origin swabs were tested in a clinical trial with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, an academic medical center affiliated with Harvard Medical School. 

Manufacturing response to COVID-19 pandemic.

Each Origin NP O1 Swab is autoclavable and individually packaged. More information is available at, along with other information about how Stratasys is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.