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Blue Toners & Colorants for Enhanced Recyclability of PET Packaging

Avient’s new ColorMatrix Optica blue toners and colorants formulated for addition to virgin and recycled PET for injection and extrusion processes.  
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New blue toners and colorants that are said to enhance the recyclability of PET packaging has been introduced by Avient Corp.. Formulated for addition to virgin PET and recycled PET (rPET), heat-stable ColorMatrix Optica blue toners work to correct and reduce the yellowing or color variation that typically occurs during the recycling process.

Variations in the aesthetic appearance of rPET, which can include yellowing and other color variations, as well as reduced processing efficiencies have been shown to be caused by multiple heat cycles, as the material is recovered and reused.

Avient's new ColorMatrix Optica for enhanced recycling of PET

The ColorMatrix Optica blue toners and colorants also incorporate the added benefits of ColorMatrix SmartHeat RHC technology for improved processing performance, which reportedly include:

 ▪  Improved bottle mechanical strength

 ▪  Reduced stoppages, blowouts, and scrap rates

 ▪  Reduced energy consumption during the bottle blowing process