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Blow Molding: Compact, Integrated Blowing & Labeling System for PET Bottles

Integrating PET bottle blowing and labeling saves floorspace and prevents bottle damage in conveying.


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New from Sidel is an integrated stretch-blowing and labeling system for PET bottles. The Combi BD (Blowing and Decoration) system is said to combine the best features of Sidel’s EvoBLOW and EvoDECO technologies for production of up to 48,000 labeled, empty bottles/hr. It accommodates both roll-fed and pressure-sensitive labels and boasts “ultra-fast” label changeover. The compact system uses a single operator interface and requires no guides or infeed screw at the labeler. No infeed screw also helps avoid bottle damage, especially for specially shaped containers.

Sidel Combi BD PET bottle blowing and labeling system

Other claimed benefits include 45% reduction in electrical consumption during blowing with the Ecoven’s infrared ceramic lamps, up to 35% reduction in compressed-air consumption with AirEco2 option; further energy savings through use of servomotors; and reduced glue consumption, with no glue degradation, glue filaments or glue splashing.


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