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Blow Molding: Upgraded Line of Leak Testers

Originally titled 'BLOW MOLDING Upgraded Line of Leak Testers '
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PTI’s VeriCon leak testers now have bigger touchscreens, greater test sensitivity, and remote data-transfer capabilities.

PTI Packaging Technologies & Inspection has enhanced its entire VeriCon line of leak testers with several new features. The three most important are these:


 •  Larger color touchscreen interface for all models.

 •  Increased test sensitivity for low leakage rates; capable of detecting holes down to 0.008 in. (200 microns), depending on container shape, size, and line speed.

 •  Enhanced data-collection and data-transfer capability for remote monitoring. Real-time inspection data includes reject statistics and trends.


VeriCon leak testers are available in trimmer-mount or in-line conveyor-mount versions and in continuous-motion configurations. They offer multiple test stations and pressure or vacuum capability. Container sizes can be up to 5 gal.

PTI moved in June from Tuckahoe, N.Y., to larger facilicities in Hawthorne, N.Y. Phone numbers, website and email contacts remain the same.


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