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Color & Additive Masterbatches for PCR PET Packaging

Chroma Color has developed additive concentrates that are said to allow for higher levels of PCR PET in packages.


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A new color and additive masterbatch product line from Chroma Color Corp., McHenry, Ill., is specifically designed for use with recycled materials. The first two commercial products are targeted to post-consumer content PET packaging.  

 ▪  ChromaPCRPET reportedly allows brand owners to further increase the levels of PCR within their package, supporting increased Sustainability Goals. It can be used in the production of sheet, bottles and other applications, and is FDA compliant with No Objection Letter (NOL). Chroma masterbatch offerings include correction colors, chain extenders, processing stabilizers and other additives for recycled PET streams. 

Chroma Color offers new line of color & additive concentrates for PCR PET

▪  UltraPET , formulated with ChromaTransparent (a patented carrier technology and based on Chroma’s patented G3) is a highly loaded color concentrate that is said to deliver both lower costs and greater processing flexibility for brand owners and converters. The concentrate can be processed as much lower temperatures than conventional PET pellet concentrates.


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