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Compounding: Two-Extruder Setup for Glass- or Carbon-Fiber Runs

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Setup reportedly offers better melt homgenity while maintaining integrity of glass or carbon-fiber additives.

Later this month at K 2019, Mas will display a conical twin-screw extruder with a single-screw extruder set up as a side-feeder configuration. In this configuration, the single-screw extruder meters the main polymer, while the twin feeds additives such as glass or carbon fiber.

This type of setup provides high-quality mixing earlier on in the process and ultimately a higher compound homogeneity, according to Mas.  The Mas conical twin, moreover, offers f very gentle plasticization, so glass or carbon fibers, for example, are subjected to only minimal mechanical stress. This means their length and thus their reinforcing effect remain maximum.

Mas says the system has successfully passed its test in trial operation and is open for customer trials.


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