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Digital Manufacturing & Industry 4.0 Highlighted At Fakuma 2018

The “Road to Digitalization” was the theme of Arburg’s exhibit at the Fakuma in Germany.


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Arburg characterizes this as “the path towards future-proof and efficient plastic parts production.” One of the new products and services on display aimed at the coming era of “smart factories” was the Arburg Turnkey Control Module (ACTM), a data collector for complex turnkey systems. This first-time presentation was part of a cell based on a 100-metric-ton all-electric Allrounder 470A press molding two housing parts for a spirit level in 46 sec using a 1 + 1 cavity family mold. The two parts were demolded by an Arburg Multilift V robot and assembled in an automated station together with three bubble levels to produce the finished product. The process included several test steps and labeling of each spirit level with a QR code. The ACTM uses the OPC-UA interface to collect process and inspection information from the injection machine and the camera inspection unit and assigns it to the individual part by means of the QR code. Visitors were able to scan this code with their smartphones to view the corresponding process data on a part-specific website.

“Smart services” also help pave the “Road to Digitalization.” Arburg presented the first look at a new customer portal at Fakuma. It provides a variety of cloud-based services and apps. One of these is the “machine overview,” which displays important information and documents for each machine. Another is the spare-parts catalog. Arburg also previewed the potential of augmented reality (AR) and predictive maintenance in remote service and troubleshooting.

For Fakuma visitors interested in the latest hardware, Arburg had on display its new-look hybrid Allrounder 820 H (370 m.t.) with the new Gestica control system, which was seen for the first time in a “Packaging” version. This high-performance machine can be provided with injection speeds up to 500 mm/sec. It molded four thin-walled IML containers of 500 ml in around 3.8 sec.