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Drawer Magnet Can Take the Heat

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Bunting Magnetic's FF 350 Hi Temp Drawer Magnet is rated to 350 F.

Seeking to serve customers that increasingly want to run high-temperature plastics, Bunting Magnetics Co. is introducing a drawer magnet rated to 350 F. Bunting says the FF 350 Hi Temp Drawer Magnet can work with molding machines running higher temperatures without impacting the efficacy of the rare-earth magnets the system uses, which can be damaged by elevated temperatures.

The Hi Temp FF drawer is typically installed above the molding machine’s feed throat and resin passes through the drawer to remove ferrous contaminants, ensuring a cleaner product while protecting downstream equipment from tramp metal. In applications where the resin needs to be dried above 300 F, for instance, the magnets will be subjected to higher temperatures because of their location. Bunting also upgraded the viewing window on the drawer as well as the knobs that latch down the drawer to a higher temperature material.

Because the Hi Temp FF Drawer Magnet’s housing design is the same as Bunting’s standard FF, the drawers and accessories can be purchased independently to complement the existing housing. Allowing existing customers to upgrade their equipment.


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