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End-Effector Kits for CRX Cobots

ATI Industrial Automation offers a variety of end-effector kits for Fanuc CRX cobots.


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ATI Industrial Automation has released a series of “CRX-Ready” end-effector kits suited to Fanuc’s CRX collaborative robots (cobots). These all-in-one kits reportedly include all hardware and software needed for system connection. The teach pendant contains simple controls to program the equipment and simplify complex tasks. Through just a few programming adjustments, the ATI end-effectors can be easily repurposed for other applications, the company says.

End-effector kits for Fanuc CRX cobots from ATI Industrial Automation.

End-effector kits for Fanuc CRX cobots from ATI Industrial Automation.

Available CRX-Ready kits include these:

 •  QC-7 robotic tool changer;

 •  MC-10 manual tool changer;

 •  AOV-10 axially compliant orbital sander, said to be suitable even for jobs that require a “light touch”;

 •  CDB compliant deburring blade, a motorless deburring tool for edge deburring, deflashing, chamfering, countersinking and scraping;

 •  RCV-250 radially compliant deburing tool, designed for removal of flash and parting lines, as well as edge deburring;

 •  Axia90 force/torque sensor, said to offer high resolution and accuracy at low cost.


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