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Enhanced PET Stretch-Blow Technologies from KHS

KHS enhanced its Blowmax rotary reheat stretch-blow machine to meet demand for single-serve beverage bottles. It also developed what’s said to be the lightest half-liter PET bottle for still water.


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KHS Group has developed a new version of its high-output InnoPET Blowmax rotary RSBM system to meet rising demand for single-serve beverage bottles in the 250- to 800-ml size range. The system is more compact, but its small mold carriers process up to 2500 bottles/hr per station. Its modular design allows it to be integrated in line with other KHS systems, such as the Innosept Asbofill unit for hygienic filling of sensitive products.

At NPE, KHS is showing off its Factor 100 PET bottle that debuted last fall at the Drinktec show in Germany. At 5 g, it’s said to be the lightest known half-liter PET bottle for still water.

The company also is highlighting its preferential-heating technology for oval containers and for wide necks (up to 70 mm), both of which are said to be gaining in market importance. A third area of development on show is FreshSafe PET, which provides barrier protection for sensitive juices and carbonated soft drinks by covering the inside of the bottle with a wafer-thin layer of silicon oxide (glass). The coating is applied by KHS’s Plasmax machine.