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Enhanced Ultrasonic Welders Boast Speedier Changeovers

Herrmann Ultrasonics' Vario series of welders includes two new levels of security.


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Herrmann Ultrasonics is highlighting the latest enhancements to its HiQ Vario series of ultrasonic welders, which can be configured to suit individual needs and boast shorter setup and changeover times thanks to features like the quick-change system (QCS). With the QCS, aligned weld tools can be changed to a new application in under a minute.

Manufacturers using the Vario for different devices will benefit from new safety measures launched a year ago. The first is an RFID reader that has been integrated into the tooling and guarantees that the right tool is installed. Not only is it built into the sonotrode but also into the fixture. The system automatically associates the correct parameter setting for parts to be welded with the installed tooling.

Adding a second level of security is the integration of a custom sensor, which depends on what the manufacturer wants to detect (i.e. color, label, shape, etc.). Before each ultrasonic welding process, it verifies that the correct part in terms of shape and/or color has been placed into the fixture. If the system sees a mismatch, it locks the process, alarms the operator or puts the system on hold.