Extrusion: High-Speed Stretch-Film Line

 Said to set ‘benchmark. for modular efficiency for high-grade stretch-film operations. 

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A new stretch-film line from Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, Conn., is said to set a benchmark for modular efficiency for high-grade stretch-film operations. Installed in early 2017 at an undisclosed, large North American film producer, this line reportedly offers a compact layout, ease of operation and servicing, excellent profile control, consistent roll quality, and an intuitive control package to produce film at thicknesses from 7.8 to 13 microns at high speeds. 

Davis-Standard’s side-by-side DS S3 overlapping winder (photo) is essential to this capability. The S3 winder enables maximum slit widths for hand-wrap, machine-wrap, and jumbo rolls, supporting multiple market segments on one winder. Films discharge from the front of the line to a common side to simplify roll packing and future automation. Cores are also same-side loaded from the back to prevent disruption of packing activities. There is an auxiliary lay-on roll to eliminate top-wind waste during transfer, optimizing roll quality and eliminating outer-wrap transfer waste.