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Extrusion: Revamped High-Speed Line Packs More Processing Power, Flexibility

New extruder from PTi has a maximum capacity 3600 lb/hr, a 33-38% increase in throughput over its previous high-speed design.


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The newest series of high-speed extruders from Processing Technologies International LLC (PTi) include design changes that reportedly make the machine more productive and flexible than the builder’s previous design.

Called the SUPER-G HighSPEED  SGHS3500-36D, the multi-resin (HIPS, PP, and PET) extruder features a re-engineered and increased screw diameter from previous models—from 3 in.  to 3.5 in.—a 36:1 L/D, a 600 hp motor and a significantly larger feed opening. With a 40% increase in area, the unique feed arrangement permits high regrind recovery rates of up to 70% while still maintaining consistent output levels throughout the production process.

The new extruder has a maximum capacity 3600 lb/hr, a 33-38% increase in throughput over PTi’s previous high-speed design. While the design of the SGHS3500-36D required an additional 18 in. (about 8.5% increase) to the overall length of the extruder, it manages to yield a 20-25% increase in manufacturing footprint efficiency over the current high-speed technology. 

High-Speed Sheet Extruder

Significant design features found in the original SGHS3000-36D have been scaled and captured into the SGHS 3500 model. The robust base and support structure, built primarily for load stabilization and deflection avoidance, provides  heavy-duty precision and long life. Supplementing the construction and performance quality, the high-speed extruder utilizes PTi’s patented M-ATEX Barrel Glide Supports for assistance in managing thermal expansion, and the two-stage SUPER-G Lobe Screw technology for ensuring exceptional mixing, melt quality and temperature control. Together, these features help maintain consistent sheet gauge thickness and achieving high clarity for crystalline and semi-crystalline polymers.

When it comes to addressing energy efficiency and operator safety concerns, the SUPER-G series utilizes CoolTOUCH barrel guards to minimize emission of heat on the surface, while the “out-the-back” screw removal is said to make accessing the screw extremely manageable.