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5/7/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Film/Sheet: Web Gauging Products for Sheet, Film

Originally titled 'EXTRUSION New Gauging for Sheet, Film'
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New series of new web-gauging product to boost film and sheet quality.   

Indev-ACT has developed a series of new web-gauging products for film and sheet.


• BetaMike: Enhanced basis-weight measurement performance is achieved with a special high-resolution electrometer. Measurement is said to be faster and more accurate and able to quickly discern streaks in high resolution, while also providing tight machine-direction control. BetaMike is also available for high-temperature thickness measurement in inline thermoforming processes.


• Beckhoff PLC applications: Said to be a robust control platform for seamless integration into existing plant automation systems, it delivers fast, responsive supervisory control and Auto Profile Control (APC) performance. 


• Advanced Auto Profile Controls: Precise die mapping and fast die-zone control produces flat profiles, reduced scrap and increased productivity.


• EnvisionULTRA 4K HD HMI software:  High-resolution graphics that deliver a powerful, intuitive insight into quality and productivity. Its ease of use ensures high operator utilization and effective process management.


• Terahertz Measurement: This new measurement technology is proving to be a market game changer. Its direct thickness measurement and compact single-sided form factor means it can fit into tight locations, providing a single scanner solution where multiple frames are used today. Net result is higher accuracy, reduced maintenance and lower cost of ownership compared to conventional O-frame differential scanners. This sensor is ideally suited for multi-layer polymer and direct coating thickness measurement.


• IrMIKE: Film and sheet can be measured to high accuracy with IrMIKE; a safe, reliable, single-sided, non-ionizing, compact measurement platform. 

• ShadowMIKE: A structured light optical thickness sensor for sheet and foam applications. This compact, non-nuclear sensor offers precise direct thickness measurement irrespective of the product’s composition. Its high-resolution, non-contact measurement provides an ideal replacement for legacy contacting gamma gauges.


• DataMart: This SQL-based historian and SCADA system stores high-resolution scanner data and process measurements for straightforward archiving, retrieval and analysis.