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Heating & Cooling | 1 MINUTE READ

Heating/Cooling: ‘World’s Smallest’ Cartridge Heater

Just 2 mm wide, this Turk+Hillinger cartridge is suited to small hot-runner nozzles.


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Turk+Hillinger is introducing at the K 2019 show in Düsseldorf (Oct. 16-23) what it calls “the world’s smallest heating cartridge for standard voltages.” The new heating elements are available in lengths of 10 to 150 mm, with a diam of 2 mm, max. surface load of up to 70 W/cm2, and max. sheath temperature up to 750 C (1382 F). These cartridges are offered for both low-voltage and standard voltage up to 250 V. One potential application is in small hot-runner nozzles.