Hot Runners: Single Valve Gate System Features Compact Profile

By doubling as a locating ring and housing all the mechanics internally, a new valve-gate system greatly reduces mold-height requirements.

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Mastip Technology’s pre-assembled VeriShot compact single valve gate system also acts as a locating ring, ensuring perfect alignment between the mold and machine platens. Introduced at NPE2018, Mastip representatives pointed out that reduced mold-height requirements also mean the system can run in a smaller press.

The VeriShot features Mastip’s FlowLoc threaded leak-proof nozzles, which the company says provide optimum heating control for consistent thermal performance and improved part quality. Those qualities make the Mastip a good fit for applications requiring a highly cosmetic gate finish and fast flow rates, as well as large volume parts requiring dimensional accuracy.

Mastip says this next generation Verishot not only delivers quick installation and precision control during injection, but also simplified maintenance for maximum productive lifespan. The consistent thermal profile, gives VeriShot a wide molding window and the capability of processing a broad range of engineering and commodity resins. Mastip also notes that lower mold filling stress results in higher part quality and consistency.

The VeriShot SVG utilizes TX19 and TX27 FlowLoc nozzles, which screw directly into the lower manifold for leak-proof operations. Verishots also offer high-temperature seals and adjustable valve pins.


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