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Injection Molding: Injection Process Monitoring/Control Adds Multi-Shot Molding, Quality Prediction

Enhanced version of Kistler’s ComoNeo is shown at NPE2018.
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The Kistler Group (U.S. office in Amherst, N.Y.) is demonstrating a wide range of modular functionalities for the newest version (2.1.0) of ComoNeo, its process-monitoring and control system for injection molding that now includes integrated part-quality prediction.

Since its initial launch three years ago, the ComoNeo system has continued to evolve. Based on measurement of cavity pressure, it controls the switchover point from speed to pressure control in mold filling within each cycle, analyzing the difference between current and reference pressure curves. The switchover point can be set manually or determined automatically by the system through analyzing a sequence of five test cycles.

More and more, injection molders are confronted with new tasks, such as multicomponent systems with complex process technology—for example, in lightweight composites for the automotive and aerospace industries. To support such applications, ComoNeo now can also control multi-component and RTM processes. Two or more processes, depending on the component, would previously have had to be recorded and evaluated separately. With ComoNeo 2.1.0 it is possible to monitor up to four components in various tool technologies.

ComoNeo now also offers a model-based prediction of part quality based on specified tolerance limits. The integrated software calculates the optimal process parameters to ensure higher quality, especially in demanding applications.

In addition to predicting production quality, all collected data can be stored in the central ComoDataCenter database for further analysis. ComoNeo also controls the transfer of proven tool configurations to other machines, as well as balancing the hot runner in multi-cavity molds. To accomplish the latter, ComoNeo now incorporates the OPC-UA interface that is becoming the standard for Industry 4.0 machine-to-machine data connectivity.


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