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Injection Molding: Korean Servohydraulic Presses with European Controls

Originally titled 'INJECTION MOLDING: Korean Servohydraulic Presses with European Controls'
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Woojin Plaimm introduces HD-A5 series with web-enabled B&R controls.

Woojin Plaimm of South Korea showed off its new HD-A5 series of fully hydraulic presses with energy-efficient servo pump at October’s Fakuma 2018 show in Germany. Offered in sizes of 100 to 400 metric tons (U.S. office in Mount Prospect, Ill.), they are aimed at precision molding for automotive, electronics, and other industries. These units boast a central clamp cylinder, linear guides, swiveling injector, and new IMC 500 controller from B&R of Austria. The latter has an 18.5-in., full-HD, multi-touch screen and web connectivity that enables access via smartphone, tablet, or PC. OPC-UA communications protocol for Industry 4.0 can be implemented on this controller.


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