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Injection Molding: Miniature Force Sensor

New crystal at the heart of Kistler’s miniature piezoelectric force sensor.


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Kistler says its new press force sensor is able to measure very small forces thanks a newly developed, highly sensitive crystal the company “grows” itself at its facility in Winterhur, Germany. The 9323AAA miniature piezoelectric force sensor supports the broadening trend of miniaturization, according to Kistler, which calls on products to combine increasingly compact dimensions with higher performance.

The new 9323AAA sensor is part of the long-established 9323 product family of calibrating force sensors installed in production machinery. With a sensitivity of -32 pC/N, the new sensor can accurately measure forces of less than 5 N. Kistler says the new crystal at the heart of the sensor  is not affected by lateral load and bending moment influences. Kistler 9323AAA miniature press force sensor


The new 9323AAA miniature press force sensor from Kistler can measure forces of less than 5 N.