Laser Welder Debuts in North America

Emerson is showing the Branson GLX-2 Laser Welder Platform for the first time in the Americas, in addition to 20 other technology displays.


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Emerson is showcasing the newest Branson GLX-2 Laser Welder Platform for the first time in the Americas, in addition to numerous other plastics joining technologies, with more than 20 technology demonstrations in total at NPE2018. In addition to the displays, Emerson is also scheduling one-on-one sessions with applications experts. 

The new-to-the-U.S. GLX-2 Laser Welder uses the patented Simultaneous Thru-Transmission Infrared (STTIr) process. Emerson says this allows the machine to heat and plasticize the entire weld line simultaneously, resulting in precise, tight-tolerance welds of medium-to-large-sized parts much faster than trace lasers. 

The compact Branson 2000Xc Micro Actuator is also on display. This unit, which only occupies a 70-mm-wide by 600-mm-high envelope, combines precision welding features, secure process controls, and detailed weld data storage in a compact footprint.

Also on hand: Branson’s Ultrasonic Mold Cleaning System, which uses a heated cleaning solution in conjunction with a powerful cavitation action to remove burnt-on polymers and mold-release agents from mold plates immersed in its cleaning tank. Emerson stresses that the cleaning action is able to cleanse even small crevices in injection molds.


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