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Materials: 'Chemically-Compliant' ABS Compounds for Certain Consumer Products

Elix Polymers’ ABS CC compounds are offered with an extended service package to help OEMs carry out verification and stewardship processes.


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A new line of ABS compounds under the brand Chemical Compliance (CC) for applications that include toys, cosmetic containers, and products that come in contact with food, has been launched by Spain’s Elix Polymers (U.S. office in Weston, Fla.)

All components in Elix ABS CC compounds have been carefully selected to be compliant with health-related regulations, like EU10/2011 (Plastic Materials for Food Contact Applications), which already set the maximum limits of substances that are considered safe. Extra services like migration testing, development of compliant colors, additional quality controls for these compounds or technical support during processing offered by Elix are said to add an extra guarantee that best practices are followed which ensures there in no contamination or degradation of the compounds. Elix will also conduct product quality and safety tests based on the requirements to which OEMs may be subjected.

Grades have been formulated for individual applications, enabling customers to select the materials based on their specific needs. Injection molding grades P2H-CC and P3H-CC are two of the many offerings that are available in the new CC line. These materials reportedly are easy to process and have a high level of brightness as well as intense colors. Single-dose coffee makers are an example of the type of application that Elix is aiming at with the CC grades, since launching a new machine onto the market requires a large number of tests to be carried out on component materials to guaranteed compliance with laws on the safety of their use.