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Materials: Multi-Resin & Process Economical Purging Compound

Slide Products’ new Econo-Purge also works on hot runners ahd thoroughly purges manifolds with small gates. 


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A chemically-reactive purging compound said to be ideal for range of plastics and processing equipment has been launched by Slide Products, Inc., Wheeling, Ill. Based on a brand new technology Econo-Purge is said to quickly, economically and effectively remove old resin (including PVC, EVA, POM, HDPE, LDPE, PP and other polyolefin compounds),  and color residue in extrusion, injection and blow molding operations.

Said company president Michael Muth, “Econo-Purge is a great, new, economical alternative for plastics processors who want to reduce the time and cost of purging and getting their equipment back on line as quickly as possible. It is not only a lower price point than most purges, it also works extremely fast, significantly reducing the hidden cost of machine downtime.”

With operating temperatures of 330º - 610ºF, Econo-Purge also works on hot runners and thoroughly purges manifolds with gates as small as 30 thousandths. Compared to competitive compounds, Econo-Purge emits little if any odor during purging. Econo-Purge (product # 473-1500) is currently available in 1500-lb. gaylords and 50# boxes (product # 473-50).