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Materials: Unique PC/ABS and Polyester TPE Compounds Bridge Gaps

Nova Polymers’ Nova TPEE polyester elastomer offers 15-20% cost saving over comparable materials.


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Two reportedly unique compounds have been developed by Nova Polymers Inc., Evansville, Indiana. NC8020TC is a PC/ABS said to be an improved version to the company’s existing PC/ABS product line specifically with regard to chemical resistance. The company is testing the material which is positioned to bridge the gap between PC/PBT and standard PC/ABS. It is available in custom colors.

Nova TPEE polyester elastomer, is a new TPE compound that is a blend of co-polyester resins with an acrylic modifier and a proprietary blend of additives, which is said to all the company to use lower-cost feedstocks, offering a 15-20% cost savings over comparable materials. This TPE compound boasts UV resistance and flame retardance for applications such as air dams, front-end fascias and other automotive applications that require maximum ductility coupled with excellent mechanical properties. In many cases, the properties can be adjusted to meet specific customer requirements.