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‘Mini’ Accumulator-Head Machine Comes to NPE

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Small industrial blow molder with rapid color and material change.

NPE2018 is the first show appearance of the Mini Hercules accumulator-head blow molder from Graham Engineering Corp. This small-shot system (2.5, 5, or 8 lb) has a small footprint (15 × 11 ft × 15 ft high). It was previewed at NPE2015, and the first several units are now in the field. Graham’s XSL Navigator touchscreen control has been adapted for this machine like others in the company’s line.

The Mini Hercules comes with single or dual heads and bottom or side discharge. Graham’s spiral-flow diverter head is said to allow for color and material changes in 1 hr. The diverter head also provides continuous internal cleaning during production, so there is no need to disassemble the head for cleaning.

 Graham Engineering also is showing a modular clamp station for its Revolution MVP wheel-type blow molder (also shown at NPE2015). Each clamp station is independent of the others, with all forces self-contained within the clamp. A quick-change system allows individual clamps to be removed for offline maintenance. And modular design lets users vary the number of clamp stations from 12 to 24 on the same platform.



NPE2018 Exhibitor

Graham Engineering Corp.

Booth: W2743

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