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2/16/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Pipe, Tube Measurement/Control Solutions for Industry 4.0

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Non-contact length and speed gauge measures a product’s wall thickness and concentricity, offering high-speed tolerance checking and multi-layer measurements. 

Beta LaserMike, part of NDC Technologies, is showing several new measurement systems that are said to be ready for Industry 4.0 with expanded capabilities in connectivity, communication, and control. 

The Beta LaserMike LaserSpeed Pro non-contact length and speed gauge reportedly offers the highest accuracy in the industry (better than ±0.03%) and the widest measurement depth of field for the full-velocity range. LaserSpeed Pro offers a new, quicker processing engine for faster communications and supports Ethernet connectivity. It’s positioned as an ideal replacement for contact encoders. 

The Beta LaserMike UltraScan Pro provides high-speed, precision measurement of product wall thickness and concentricity and offers faster processing and measurement capabilities, high-speed tolerance checking, multi-layer measurements (up to 4 layers), enhanced Ethernet connectivity via built-in web server, and other advances. UltraScan is known for its patented “SNAP” technology with full automatic setup and calibration for quick, simple operation.

The Beta LaserMike BenchMike Pro is now outfitted with a larger, higher-resolution display and provides faster communications processing. This highly accurate and reliable gauge now offers Ethernet and USB connectivity. BenchMike is the industry’s leading off-line diameter and ovality measurement system with over 15,000 gauges installed worldwide.

The company will also be exhibiting a live demonstration of its latest InControl process controller and end-to-end measurement system for pipe and tubing.


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