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Saw First Warms Up PVC Pipe to Reduce Chips, Dust

Unit reportedly provides a no-noise cut. 


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A new saw for PVC pipe is said to reduce the formation of chips and dust that typically occurring during cutting by first warming the pipe. Developed by Sica of Italy, the TRS W saw warms up a portion of the pipe, cuts it with a parting knife, then creates a bevel by shaping the heated portion. With other designs, a chamfer tool would be used to remove material, creating dust and/or chips.

Sica says this “green” innovation allows a noiseless cut and avoids the expensive need for recycling material, cleaning the environment around the saw, and also downstream. Traditional saws furnished with a vacuuming system still cannot completely prevent chips depositing on the saw mechanism or on the cut pipe, Sica says. As a result, pipes will always carry part of the scrap material with them on their way towards the belling machine or the end of the line. 

Saw PVC Pipe with No Dust or Chips