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Temperature Control Unit Offers Compact design

Delta T Systems’ Eco family of temperature control units (TCU) has been extended to include the Compact model.


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Delta T Systems says the compact, low-profile, black cabinetry of the Eco Series TCUs features analog pressure gauges and a digital display. A new two-tank design allows for either 4.5- or 9-kW of heating and direct injection cooling, and water temperatures of up to 300F are possible. The new Compact Eco Series is available with a ¾-hp pump that delivers 25 gpm at 25 PSI.

The dimensions for the unit are 16.7-by-22-by-17.3 in., and since the Compact has two heater tanks by design, those dimensions are the same whether the unit has 4.5- or 9-kW of heating. Stainless steel piping and a pump are new in this model, according to Delta T. The units are stackable and a kit is available to separate them if that’s required in the future.

The Eco Series features a new pump that reportedly creates 50% to 100% greater flow at the same pressure point on the pump curve compared to other designs. The resulting energy consumption complies with the new DOE standard that became mandatory in January 2020.

Delta T Systems Eco series Compact

Delta T Systems’ Eco family of temperature control units (TCU) now includes the space-saving Compact model.


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