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9/10/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Tooling: Expanded Mold Base Range, New Hot Runner Brand

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Hasco will feature and expanded range of mold bases at K 2019, as well as launch its own hot runner brand with new Single-Shot individual nozzle.

Hasco says its P1 plate range of mold bases has been expanded to include 2000 additional dimensions and new design features, including elements for demolding, heating/cooling, sensors, hydraulics and cylinders. This includes a module system for slides, covering a  wide range of configuration and installation options, utilizing DLC-coated components. In addition, the company says its app can calculate the surface temperature of a thermal insulation sheet by entering individual parameters like plate type, mold temperature and plate thickness.

Hasco’s hot runner division will be presenting products under its Hasco hot runner brand for the first time at K 2019.  The new “Single Shot” individual nozzle has been designed as a single nozzle with maximum temperature uniformity and what the company describes as “generous” flow channel cross-sections. Different tip geometries are available to create the best cosmetic results on the part surface and provide ideal heat conduction right through to the gate.


The company says when molders use its hot half with a single-needle valve, they benefit from the high efficiency and safety of a complete, ready-to-connect system. The company will also highlight its screw-on Vario Shot nozzle. This product allows for ready-to-mount systems, designed and produced according to individual customer specifications.  Easy assembly and dismantling in the mold are guaranteed as is freedom from leakage and optimum temperature homogeneity.


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