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Welding: Two Compact Linear Actuators for Automotive

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A key feature is the distance feedback which will reduce over welds.

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Two new compact linear ultrasonic actuators—the CLA-50 and CLA 100, specifically designed for the automotive industry were by Rinco Ultrasonics, Danbury, Conn.at the recent 2017 Assembly Show. The units were developed to meet requests from many integrators for a robust and compact actuator that meets today’s stringent requirements and provides long component life. A key feature is the distance feedback which will reduce over welds. The unit has a footprint of one 55.5 mm in diameter allowing a 56 mm center-to-center mounting configuration.

In this small footprint, the 35 kHz rigid mount converter (and booster if applicable) is mounted with complete rigidity, allowing to the least amount of deflection from the stack components. Rinco converters use rigid mount technology with no O-rings, which eliminates deflection of the vibrating stack, ensuring optimum weld consistency. Yet another feature is integrated air cooling which has multiple mounting locations for tight layout patterns. Rinco offers this CLA unit in conjunction with anti-rotating 40-mm diameter air cylinders with multiple stroke lengths of 50 mm and 100 mm as well as various mounting configurations.