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As Seen In Plastics Technology

New Materials, Applications Among Highlights of SPC Bioplastics Converge Conference
Highlights of the D.C. held event included two dynamic panel discussions.

Total & Corbion in Joint Bioplastics Venture
The 50/50 JV will build a world-class PLA polymerization plant.

Corbion Enters PLA Business
The Dutch global producer of lactic acid is pre-marketing its new PLA resins in North America.

Global Lactic Acid Producer Plans To Enter PLA Business
Corbion Purac's CEO is aiming to forward integrate his company from lactic acid producer to PLA producer.

APPLICATIONS: High-Heat PLA in World's First Bioplastic Touchscreen Computer
The high-heat-resistant PLA compound used for the housing of the first bioplastic touchscreen computer is based on lactides from Corbion Purac.

Clear, Heat-Resistant PLA Films in Development
WEB EXCLUSIVE: Dutch producer of lactic acid and lactides Corbion Purac is joining forces with U.K.’s Innovia Films to develop PLA film that is both transparent and resistant to high temperatures.

Expanded PLA bead foam

PLA Biopolymers: New Copolymers, Expandable Beads, Engineering Alloys and More
Up to now, the number-one biopolymer in commercial use, polylactic acid or PLA, has been available mainly from one supplier and in a limited range of varieties. But there appear to be a number of new sources waiting in the wings, who are preparing a profusion of new PLA variants—copolymers, alloys, “engineering” PLA and even “do-it-yourself” PLA.

First Bioabsorbable Medical Tubes
Biogeneral Inc. in San Diego and Dunn Industries Inc., Manchester, N.H., appear to be tied for making the first commercial bioabsorbable medical tubing.

Hot rollers at Plantic

What's Ahead for 'Green' Plastics: Look for More Supply, More Varieties, Better Properties
Major chemical companies are investing big bucks in new plants and technologies to produce plastics from annually renewable sources, not from petrochemicals.

Bio-derived, biodegradable rigid packaging

Extruding Biopolymers: Packaging Reaps Cost Benefit of Going 'Green'
Plastics made from renewable carbon chains, not fossil carbon from oil or gas, are suddenly a solid commercial reality. The draw isn’t just “green” marketing, but the “green” of stable prices not linked to petrochemicals.

Product Categories of Total Corbion PLA

Biodegradable, Photodegradable Resins and Compounds
Polylactide (PLA) Polymers

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