ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions


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Total Transparency at Trademark Plastics

Trademark Plastics’ latest investment won’t let it see the future, but by giving it vision inside parts, the new CT scanner represents a more transparent tomorrow for its validation work.

Zeiss Completes new R&D, Production, Sales and Customer Service Site.

Zeiss’ new Innovation Center is an integral part of the company’s global strategy to expand its presence close to research centers and growth markets.  

Custom Molder’s Strategic Edge: Top-Class Metrology Services

Matthew Naitove Plastics Technology

Molding good parts is not enough. Better and faster metrology services for tool qualification and process validation make the difference for Octex Group.

Computed Tomography in the Plastics

Heather Caliendo Plastics Technology

Computed tomography is an inspection technology that can be networked and used along the entire process chain.

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