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A Culture Built on Innovation in Medical Tubing Extrusion

Microspec was born out of innovation, and 28 years later continues to set the global standard in medical tubing by developing high-precision multi-lumen catheters—among other tubing products—by refusing to believe “it can’t be done.”

Medical Tubing: No Tradeoff of Speed for Quality with New Downstream Package

Jim Callari Plastics Technology

New technology from Novatec packages next-generation multi-pass tank, novel gauging technique, and enhanced coilers to boost rates to 1000 ft/min or more without tube-quality issues.

Conair, Partners Run TPE Tubing, ABS 3D Filament at Medical Show

Jim Callari Plastics Technology

Conair joins Davis-Standard and Zumbach to demo complete system that switched between tubing and filament runs at Plastec West Show in California.

Coextrusion Line Demonstrates Technology for API Catheters

Jim Callari Plastics Technology

At trade show, suppliers team to show how to run a medical tube that includes medicine.

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