Ford Converts 3D Printing Scrap into New, Molded Parts

Ford has collaborated with HP to reuse spent 3D printed powders and parts turning them into injection molded vehicle parts.


Join us September 21-23 for a first-of-its-kind event that brings under one roof our annual Molding and Extrusion Conferences, together with the Amerimold Expo. 


Busting Myths: How Additive Polymers Affect Builds

With advances in additive polymers, it may be time to consider moving a traditionally manufactured part to 3D printing.

PEEK Filament for Industrial 3D Printing Applications

Evonik’s new Infinam Peek filament launched as a metal replacement for industrial 3D printing applications.

Fortify Completes Equity Round

The Boston-based inventor of the Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) additive manufacturing technology secured $20 million in funding.

New Class of Photoplastics for SLA 3D Printing of Durable Prototypes, Tooling, Functional End-Use Parts

Nexa3D and Henkel have announced availability of three functional photopolymers with extended UV weathering stability.   

Additive Manufacturing System Reportedly Revolutionizes 3D Printing

The Inkbit Additive Manufacturing system is said to feature  first-of-its-kind closed-loop feedback control, multi-material printing capabilities, and exceptionally-low cost-per-part for final part.  

Carbon-Fiber ABS for a Broader Range of FDM 3D Printers

Stratasys’ new FDM ABS-CF10 is the first thermoplastic composite material for its line of F123 Series 3D printers which combine FDM technology with design-to-print GrabCAD print software.

Braskem Introduces E-Commerce of PP Filament Spools for 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing

Available through thermoplastics distributor M.Holland, this is the first time Braskem’s PP 3D printing filament spools are targeted to all consumers via e-commerce.

New Form of 3D-Printed Material Aimed at Lighter, Safer Car Designs and More

Team of researchers led by University of Glasgow combined polyolefins with multiwall carbon nanotubes to come up with a new plate-lattice cellular ‘metamaterial’ with impressive impact resistance.  

Fine Silica Fillers Improve Cost/Performance of 3D Printing Resins

AGC Chemicals says resins infused with new Solesphere fine silica gels improve product quality, performance and processing efficiencies for all three major 3D printing processes.

Additive Manufacturing: Through the Molders’ Lens

Many in the manufacturing world experienced first-hand how agile and efficient 3D printing is when companies began to print products to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.  Custom molder EVCO expanded its 3D printing capabilities during this time to help produce parts quickly.  

Braskem Expanding into the 3D Printing Market

In 2020, Braskem launched polypropylene for fused filament fabrication, SLS powder bed fusion, and industrial scale pellet extrusion.

New Liquid Materials for Additive Manufacturing

Suited to use in automotive and microelectronic applications, these light-curing epoxy resins have been optimized specifically for industrial 3D printing applications.

New Technology Combines 3D Printing with Injection Molding

This new concept 3D prints a metallic endoskeleton and then injection molds a special polymer around that skeleton.

Key Additive Manufacturing Trends to Watch in 2021

EOS, HP, Carbon and Essentium give a preview of what to expect from additive manufacturing in 2021.  

Ineos R&D Project Develops Styrenic Polymer for 3D Printing that Boasts 67% Energy Savings

The purpose of the PolySLS project was to develop and test a new styrene based polymer compound for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

20 Good Things to Come Out of 2020—Part 5

Additive manufacturing has emerged as the supply chain hero in many ways during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the recycling industry continues its push for a Circular Economy.

20 Good Things to Come Out of 2020—Part 4

Good news was there if you knew where to look for it—in the pages of Plastics Technology magazine or right here on our website. Here’s a review of headlines you can feel good about.


Busting Myths: How Additive Polymers Affect Builds

With advances in additive polymers, it may be time to consider moving a traditionally manufactured part to 3D printing.

Solvay and PrinterPrezz Partner to Produce 3D Printing for Medical Devices

The companies are working to develop 3D printing selective laser sintering solutions (SLS) for implants and other medical devices.

Addifab Announces Partnership, Micromolding Offering, PIM Viability

The Danish company’s novel additive manufacturing technology that prints dissolvable injection mold inserts from a UV-cured resin had a busy finish to 2020.

Stratasys to Acquire 3D Printing Startup Origin

The acquisition is expected to close in January 2021.