Automotive continues to be a key end market for plastics processors of all types for under-the-hood, body and interior applications. OEMs have turned to plastics to cut vehicle weight while also reducing cost and improving safety, performance, and fuel efficiency. These trends are likely to continue in the future, and this zone is aimed at keeping you up to date on the materials, equipment and processing best practices you’ll need to compete.


Pioneering Generation of Stabilizers for High-Quality Polyolefin Recyclate

Fraunhofer LBF and Bruggemann cooperate on successfully tackling thermal and photo oxidation of plastics. 

Unique Class of Polymers Behave Like Crosslinked Thermosets and Process Like Thermoplastics

ATSP Innovations’ Nowe polymer is designed for applications where PEEK, PES, PEI and phenolics and cannot deliver. 
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