Antimicrobial Based on Elemental Zinc Reduces Coronavirus on Surfaces by Up to 99%

Parx Materials’ Saniconcentrate expected to be a strong and safe tool in preventing the future spread of viruses.


‘First’ Carbon Fiber Smartphone Developed by German Startup

Lanxess Tepex dynalite 208 TPU is the matrix material for Carbon Mobile’s ultra-thin and extremely light smartphone.


Metal and Halogen Free Heat Stabilizer for Nylon E&E Applications

Brueggemann’s new Bruggolen TP-H2062 said to offer sustained protection for nylons in broad temperature range.


Pearlized Masterbatches for BOPP Film Packaging

Tosaf's ZD color and additive concentrates for pearlized BoPP films boast quality, production efficiency and flexibility in meeting OEM requirements.


Versatile Color Concentrate Carrier System for Clear Thermoplastics

Chroma Color’s newly patented carrier system, designed for PET, PETG, Eastman’s Tritan copolyester, PC, and acrylics does not affect clarity.

Recycled Materials

PCR Color and Additive Masterbatch for Polyolefins

Avient’s new Rejoin PCR masterbatch enables a bottle or part to be manufactured from 100% polyolefin PCR.


Milliken Expands Recycling Additives Product Portfolio with new Acquisition

Milliken has acquired Zebra-chem GmbH, a global manufacturer of peroxide and blowing agents additive masterbatches.

Commodity Resins

New Liquid and Solid Versions of AA Scavengers for PET Water Bottles

Holland Colours next-generation TasteGuard AA scavenger boasts low dosing, enhanced recyclability of PET.    


Light-Duffusing Color and Additive Masterbatches for LED Light Sources

Tosaf’s new LD masterbatches said to create uniform diffused light on backlit surfaces.


UV Stabilizer for High-Speed PET Dairy Bottle Production

Holland Colours’ new Holcomer Thermostretch said to address how to accelerate PET production while maintaining a high level of light barrier protection.