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Published: 10/31/2018

Time to Step Up
Join the “conversation” about the value to society of the plastics industry.

Published: 10/31/2018

Plastics Processing Bounces Back from Brief Lull
September Index climbs 5.5% from prior month.

Published: 10/31/2018

Identifying and Correcting Splay
Splay adjustments can be a simple fix, or can require several hours of babysitting a press and head scratching. Learn to find the root cause.

Published: 10/1/2018

Injection Molding: Sliding vs. Locking Ring—Which Non-Return Valve Is Right for You?
The locking-ring style appears to dominate the market, as most believe it makes a make a better seal and leaks less. But is this really so?

Published: 9/30/2018

Processors' Growth Is Slowing
August’s index of 52.7 shows processor growth abating.

Published: 9/5/2018

Gear up For Molding 2019 Conference
Premier technical conference for all things injection molding is slated for Indianapolis in March.

Published: 8/28/2018

Injection Molding: Is There a ‘Most-Important’ Process Parameter?
A case can be made for multiple variables—fill balance, fill time, injection pressure, cavity pressure—as most important. But there is something else altogether that is essential to successful injection molding.

Published: 8/1/2018

Injection Molding: Fill Based on Volume, Not Weight
Most parts should be 90-99% full after first-stage—by volume not weight. Here’s why that’s important and how to make a first-stage-only part.

Published: 7/31/2018

Get Free Guidance on Molding Resins
Mobile Specs app and website provide processing parameters on thousands of resins … at no cost.

Published: 7/1/2018

Injection Molding: Safety First—Know the Compatibility of Different Resins
Certain materials don’t play well together when mixed. So it’s best not to. Here are some guidelines.