Film Structure Designs Formulated with PCR Debuted by Nova Chemicals

Nova’s new series of customizable film structure designs formulated with post-consumer resin.  


Busting Myths: How Additive Polymers Affect Builds

With advances in additive polymers, it may be time to consider moving a traditionally manufactured part to 3D printing.

UV Stabilizer for High-Speed PET Dairy Bottle Production

Holland Colours’ new Holcomer Thermostretch said to address how to accelerate PET production while maintaining a high level of light barrier protection.  

Danimer Scientific Hires Innovative Packaging Expert

  Newly hired v.p. of technology development Brad Rodgers to guide development of Danimer’s Nodax PHA for food & beverage, consumer packaged goods and more.  

Carbon-Fiber ABS for a Broader Range of FDM 3D Printers

Stratasys’ new FDM ABS-CF10 is the first thermoplastic composite material for its line of F123 Series 3D printers which combine FDM technology with design-to-print GrabCAD print software.

Lanxess to Acquire Emerald Kalama Chemicals

Emerald Kalama’s additives for plastics include non-phthalate PVC plasticizers and polyolefin modifiers.

'Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day' Recognized on Feb. 20.

Plastics additives and adhesives supplier Mayzo has joined the worldwide campaign engaging girls in the engineering field.  

Freezing Weather Conditions in the Gulf Coast Suspend Production of Polyolefins

Several Texas-based olefin/polyolefin production facilities shuttered.

Milliken Joins Global Organization for PHA to Drive Adoption of Biodegradable Polymers in Single-Use Packaging

Existing and new additives technology from Milliken will be aimed at improving the processing performance, aesthetics and other key attributes of PHA biopolymers.  

Eastman’s ‘Acetate Renew’ to be Used By Luxury Eyewear Manufacturer

Thélios to use Mazzucchelli new acetate sheet made from Eastman’s  chemically recycled acetate.

HDPE Represents a Step-Change in Performance for Blow Molded Bottles and Containers

ExxonMobil’s new Paxon SP5504 HDPE boasts excellent ESCR without compromising stiffness, impact, top load performance, or processability
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Weatherable Polyolefin Capstocks for WPC Decking

Teknor Apex’s Weatherguard WG-9000 compounds shown to outperform standard capstocks without need for ionomer content.

Long Fiber Reinforced Nylon Composite Replaces Aluminum Motor Housing

Avient’s Complēt LFT thermoplastic composite chosen by food processing equipment maker Bettcher to replace the cast aluminum support yoke of its Quantum Motor.

Sustainable Global Packaging for Toilet Cleansers

Henkel’s new packaging for two brands of cleaners boast more recycle content.

New Form of 3D-Printed Material Aimed at Lighter, Safer Car Designs and More

Team of researchers led by University of Glasgow combined polyolefins with multiwall carbon nanotubes to come up with a new plate-lattice cellular ‘metamaterial’ with impressive impact resistance.  

Fine Silica Fillers Improve Cost/Performance of 3D Printing Resins

AGC Chemicals says resins infused with new Solesphere fine silica gels improve product quality, performance and processing efficiencies for all three major 3D printing processes.

DSM and Neste in Strategic Partnership to Create High-Performance Plastics from Sustainable Feedstock

Key to the collaboration is DSM Engineering Materials which will start replacing a significant portion of the fossil feedstock used to date in the manufacture of its engineering resins  with feedstock produced from recycled waste plastics and/or 100% bio-based hydrocarbons.

Acrylic Impact Modifiers Key to Enhanced Callaway Golf Balls

Dow’s Paraloid impact modifier and a proprietary blend of Surlyn ionomers make up the hybrid cover of Callaway’s new ERC Soft and Supersoft golf balls.  

Arkema Launches ‘Start-Up Connect’ Program

Arkema’s new initiative invites start-ups specializing in advanced materials to join forces in developing future responsible materials innovations.

Natural Zeolite Acid Scavengers Show Broad Use in Film, Packaging, Molded Parts

Endex International’s Alterin 110 & 111 aluminum silicates approved for several end-use applications in polyolefins and beyond.

'Highly Efficient' Purging Agent for Blow Molding Polyolefins

Techmer PM’s PFM117632 purging agent said to slash changeover time and offer significant sustainability benefits.

Shintech North America to Bring on New PVC Capacity; More Domestic New Capacity Underway

Shintech Louisiana announces further PVC capacity expansion plans to help reverse the supply tightness.