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Company Profile

The Efficient Solution for Continuous Mixing Systems for Compounding and Masterbatch.

FARREL POMINI is a global leader in the research, design and manufacturing of compounding systems for the plastics industry covering an extensive range of processing applications. FARREL POMINI technology has proven performance processing polyolefin based compounds with high levels of mineral fillers, additives and color masterbatches, polymer-elastomer blends and applications requiring high intensity mixing while maintaining low processing temperature. Principle products include: CP Series II™ Compact Processor, FCM™ Continuous Mixer (including the UMSD Line), FMP™ Farrel Melt Pump, Underwater Pelletizer and Hot & Cold Extruders. In addition to new equipment, FARREL POMINI offers remanufacturing and machinery upgrade services, spare parts, field service technical support as well as start-up & commissioning services. FARREL POMINI has two Process Laboratories and Customer Demonstration Facilities.  At these locations, customers can evaluate their formulations on FARREL POMINI equipment under lifelike conditions allowing customer to purchase equipment with the utmost confidence.  FARREL POMINI is the business unit of HF MIXING GROUP dedicated to Continuous Mixing equipment. HF MIXING GROUP was formed in 2010 and is comprised of Harburg Freudenberger GmbH, Farrel Corporation and Pomini Rubber & Plastics Srl. Principle locations include the United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Singapore. Laboratory Demonstration Facilities are located in the United States and United Kingdom; the Research & Development Center is in the United States.

Product Categories of FARREL POMINI

  • Automation/Systems Integration
  • Closed-loop Process Control Systems
  • Intensive Fluxing (melting) Mixers more (+)
  • Machinery Rebuilding
  • Pelletizers more (+)
  • Rebuilt Screws or Barrels
  • Roll Mills more (+)
  • Single-screw Extruders more (+)
  • Used Machinery

Trade Names of FARREL POMINI

  • CP Series II(TM) Compact Processor
  • FCM(TM) Continuous Mixer
  • FMP(TM) Farrel Melt Pump
  • UMSD

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