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Get into the Zone: Bottles

Do you make bottles? At NPE2018’s new Bottle Zone, hear technical presentations, view a wide range of technology for bottle processing—and enjoy a biergarten!    


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New to NPE2018, the Bottle Zone is the largest zone at the show, spanning 41,600 net ft2 of space and representing exhibitors from 15 countries. According to Glenn Anderson, Chairman of NPE2018 and v.p., Strategic Account Development for Milacron, the popularity of this zone speaks directly to the recent growth of the industry. “There is a big opportunity in the plastics industry right now when it comes to making bottles,” he says. “What you’ll see in the Bottle Zone are technologies to create the next generation of plastic bottles and containers.”

There is a lot happening in this large exhibit space. Exhibitors in the Bottle Zone include those who supply machinery, molds, and a variety of auxiliary and post-processing equipment used every day in the production of bottles and containers for beverages, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. In the Bottle Zone, there will also be daily technical presentations on topics that include resins, additives, barrier technologies, preform and closure manufacturing, bottle blow-molding technologies, bottle filling and inspection technologies, and downstream packaging and recycling technologies. And while you’re at it, grab a plastic bottle of locally brewed beer at the Bottle Zone Biergarten.

Notes Mike Urquhart, a consultant for the Plastics Industry Association and an expert in bottle production methods, “This new zone will make it a lot easier for anyone attending who’s involved in making bottles and closures, because now all of the suppliers and all of the presentations are in one central area. Our hope is that this is a space where attendees can stop by throughout the day whenever there’s a presentation they want to hear, and they can grab a beer, walk around, and have their questions answered.”



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