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K Show Report: Nanos Are The Rage

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Flat film and sheet toolmakers are focusing on technologies for nanolayer systems.

As reported in September, flat film and sheet toolmakers are focusing on nanolayer systems. Extrusion Dies Inc. LLC showed its “layer multiplication” technique, which relies on a special tool that can be engineered to multiply some or all of the layers within a coextrusion “sandwich” provided by a feedblock. Cloeren Inc. displayed nanolayer feedblock technology permitting structures up to 34 layers.

In sheet, PTi LLC debuted the Revolution series roll stack. This is a horizontal stack suited for processing materials with low melt strength.  Davis-Standard (davis-standard.com) displayed its capabilities for PLA and PET sheet from 25 to 70 in. wide, 0.008 to 0.080 in. thick, with outputs to 7040 lb/hr.

Welex announced shipment of a versatile nine-extruder, multi-die system to an undisclosed European processor. The line will run a variety of products from monolayer to complex coextrusions. The dies are mounted on rails to permit them to move quickly in and off line for changeovers.

Gneuss launched a complete line for PET recycling, featuring its MRS 110 multi-screw extruder. The line is also equipped with an integrated cutter/feeder, Gneuss’ RSF Genius 150 screen changer, and an on-line viscometer.


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