New Equipment and a New Leader at Pelletron

In addition revamping its flagship dedusting product and launching a completely new one, Pelletron is changing up its leadership.


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Heinz Schneider will officially step down as the president of Pelletron (Booth W2153) at the end of May, following NPE2018, with Thomas Bayer taking his place. Bayer is currently Pelletron’s executive vice president. Schneider joined Pelletron as president and minority shareholder in 2003, and along with Paul Wagner, he took ownership of the company in 2008. Both men sold their stakes to current owner, IPEG, in 2016, with Schneider retained as president.

Bayer, who became Pelletron’s executive vice president in January, has more than 20 years of experience in water treatment, separation systems and bulk solids handling. He earned a degree in chemical engineering in Germany in 1987. Heinz came to the U.S. from Germany in 1995, founding plastics pneumatic conveying systems supplier Waeschle Inc. in Chicago.

Pelletron has a completely redesigned C20 DeDuster model at the show. The dust-removal system is capable of processing up to 100 lb/hr of dry, granular material. New features include higher temperature capabilities from 150 to 185 F, and an integrated level sensor in the glass tube hopper that can stop the material flow if needed. The completely new feeder assembly features variable speed paddles for finer control of solids feed rate, and the system’s flat disc-type filters have more surface area than previous closedend cylinder-type filters, easing maintenance.

Also new is the HR45 DeDuster. Here, the halfround cone technology, which allows the system to utilize a smaller air system, is patent pending. This breakthrough reduces the product’s footprint, capital investment and operating costs. This new model will ultimately replace the XP45 DeDuster model. The company says the same size range that’s available for the XP series will be developed for the HR in coming years.

A Pelletron spokesperson said that in the patent-pending half-round design, flow is directed uniformly over the wash decks and Venturi zone where cleaning occurs, improving cleaning performance. The HR45 has an overall capacity of 10,000 lb/hr (4.5 tons/hr) for average bulk-density materials. Other professed advantages of the new HR45 DeDuster include reduced operating costs with 40 percent less power consumption, as well as reduced equipment costs thanks to smaller filters and cyclones—700 ft3/min versus 1100 ft3/min.