Resin Conveying | 1 MINUTE READ

New Source for Silo Loaders and Resin-Cleaning Systems

ADG Solutions now offers silo-loading and resin-cleaning systems—built by Italy’s Lorandi Silos—to plastics processors that purchase resin in gaylords or super sacks. 


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ADG Solutions, Tucker, Ga., is now offering silo-loading and resin-cleaning system options to molders and extruders that purchase resin or regrind in gaylords or super sacks. The equipment is manufactured by Lorandi Silos of Brescia, Italy, and is configured

for American customers by ADG. Lorandi silo-loading systems are packaged units comprised of a material infeed hopper and compressor with rotary valve. Incoming resin can be dumped into the system by gaylord tippers or from super sacks hung from an integral frame. Resin is conveyed pneumatically from the hopper to holding bins or silos up to a maximum height of 65 ft. The range of loaders can handle up to 55,000 lb/hr. These systems are extremely flexible and can be moved easily by forklift.

The T-Cleaner separator system separates dirt, dust, paper, glass, or even rocks from plastic pellets or regrind based on their density. Contaminated material enters the T-Cleaner where it becomes agitated. When removing lightweight contamination, the material (higher-density pellets or regrind) falls out of the bottom of the unit, while the lighter components (dust or paper) are blown up and out the top.

The airflow can be fine-tuned easily using two regulators, depending on the relative densities of the different constituents in the source material. When processing material contaminated with heavy materials like rocks or glass, the system can be set up so that the heavy contaminants fall out the bottom of the T-Cleaner, while the clean resin exits at the top. The maximum throughput is 18,000 lb/hr for granules and 9000 lb/hr for flake.