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North American Debut of Special Heat-Resistant Nylon

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: BASF Corp., Engineering Plastics, Wyandotte, Mich., introduced to North America its Ultramid Endure line of heat-resistant nylons at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit early this month. Ultramid Endure was first introduced at the K 2010 show in Germany. It is a nylon 66 with novel stabilization chemistry that forms a protective surface layer that allows it to retain its high strength in fatigue tests at 220 C for 3000 hr—well beyond the range of other thermoplastics. Aimed at under-hood automotive components, it can even withstand peak exposures to 240 C.


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  • Radiation Crosslinking Boosts Nylon Properties

    Demand for more robust plastics is creating new opportunities for radiation-crosslinked nylons, including nylon 6 and 66, which can serve as cost-effective alternatives to higher-cost, high-heat thermoplastics. Crosslinked nylons have higher heat resistance than their standard counterparts, along with better physical properties and abrasion resistance. Adapted from a paper presented at SPE ANTEC 2012.

  • TPO and PP Advances Benefit Auto Parts and Food Packaging

    Polypropylene and PP-based TPO elastomers were the star players of two recent conferences on polyolefins. "TPOs in Automotive '98," sponsored by Executive Conference Management, Plymouth, Mich., featured the latest materials, modifiers, and stabilizer additives for hard and soft interior and exterior automotive applications. "SPO '98," sponsored by Schotland Business Research, Inc., Skillman, N.J., highlighted developments in high-flow PP for thin-wall injection molded packaging.