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NPE Newsfinder: Heating and Cooling


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Band-heater developments at the show are focused on high-temperature applications such as “thixomolding” and on prolonging heater life by minimizing leaks. Process cooling gets a lot more attention, however, as reflected in dozens of new chillers, both portable and central, designed for long life, minimal leaks, small footprint, and energy-efficient operation. There’s even a new generation of “micro” chillers for the smallest machines. New hot-water and oil systems are just as numerous and reflect similar performance concerns. Also look for new mold-water regulators and products that provide a stream of cooled air.


Turn the heat up high

The growing trend toward “thixomolding” of metal powders on modified injection molding machines prompted Omega Heater Co., Ronkonkoma, N.Y., to develop its new Ultra High Temperature (UHT) ceramic-insulated heaters. They can provide barrel temperatures up to 1200 F.

Omega will also exhibit its new UltrAluminum band and strip heaters that operate at up to 850 F. Their low mass reportedly ensures fast heating response and uniform heat distribution.

Acim Jouanin of Evreux, France, will show its new 70 Series round-coil and 80 Series flat-coil heater elements that operate at up to 1202 F. The firm is also bringing new clamp-less Kappa Series mini coil heaters made for high-temperature hot-runner systems.

Heatron, Inc., Leavenworth, Kan., will present its new Hi Temp mineral-insulated band heaters and a line of redesigned mica bands.

One seam instead of two—that’s what’s new about mica-insulated S-Band heaters from IMS Co., Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Single-seam construction reportedly minimizes the chance of plastic leaking into the band and causing it to short out.

There’s news in cartridge heaters too. Rotfil S.r.L. of Torino, Italy, will unveil Ultramax SC 400 high-temperature, waterproof, sealed cartridge heaters. They operate at high pressures and temperatures up to 752 F. Also new from Rotfil are cartridge heaters with two separate heating circuits and temperature sensors.

In radiant heaters, Industrial Heater Corp., Cheshire, Conn., will show its new Hot Swage tubular heaters capable of temperatures to 2100 F. They generate up to 100 w/sq in.

Industrial Heater has also developed Ultrapass, a new water heater designed to heat moving fluids with twice the efficiency of a circulation or screw plug heater. The firm developed a new Compact Resistive Element System (CRES) technology that allows the unit to heat large volumes of fluids in a single pass without relying on recirculation. Standard units are offered in 2.5 to 7.5 kw. They reportedly can replace heaters with twice their wattage rating.


Chillers & cooling towers

Advantage Engineering, Inc., Greenwood, Ind., will exhibit its Titan central chillers, which have been updated with polyethylene reservoirs.

AEC/Application Engineering, Wood Dale, Ill., will show off new and updated chillers, both portable and central. They feature off-the-shelf controls, modular designs, and stainless-steel components. The firm will also show new cooling-tower/pump-tank systems.

Applied Web Systems Inc., Elgin, Il., will present its new Beacon Chill Pac portable chillers in capacities of 1 to 40 tons. The line features nonferrous piping and tank, microprocessor control, hot-gas bypass for efficient operation at less than maximum load, and a stainless-steel pump. It also has a stainless brazed-plate evaporator and scroll compressor (1-15 hp). Similar features are also offered on central chillers of up to 500 tons.

Applied Web Systems will also present its new models CT and TT single and dual compartment chiller and tower tank systems that have capacities from 125 to 6000 gal. The water-reservoir systems feature process pumps up to 100 hp and recirculating pumps up to 40 hp.

Berg Chilling Systems Inc., Toronto, will launch a new line of packaged central chillers of 20-80 tons with air or water cooling and flexible design for ready customization.

Capitol Temptrol Inc., Centerbrook, Conn., will roll out new air-cooled and water-cooled chillers. Series MM portable air-cooled models of 3 to 15 tons feature a 50-gal stainless-steel tank, dual condensers of 10-15 tons, brazed-plate heat exchanger, side or top discharge, and very small footprint. Series WMM portable water-cooled chillers have similar features. New Series 555C-HR central chillers have a heat-recovery system.

Conair, Pittsburgh, redesigned its line of portable air- and water-cooled chillers with nonferrous plumbing, scroll compressors, and new PLC controls. Water-cooled models are of 1.5 to 15 tons, while air-cooled units range from 1.5 to 13 tons.

Conair is also introducing a new master control system that provides complete monitoring and control of a central chiller from any PC. The Central Cooling Control system tracks temperatures and pressures and checks all pump and chiller units.

Cooling Technology, Inc., Charlotte, N.C., will exhibit two new chiller lines in water- or air-cooled models. MPC Series chillers (1 to 10 tons) are ultra-compact models with stainless tank, nonferrous plumbing, hot-gas bypass, stainless brazed-plate evaporator, and Copeland hermetic condensers or scroll compressors. SC Series of 50 to 300 tons or more have stainless evaporators and condensers, plus Copeland screw compressors with infinite capacity control.

Eurochiller S.r.L. of Mortara, Italy, will debut its Minichill M12 water-cooled chiller for beside-the-press use. It has nonferrous plumbing and hot-gas bypass. Termochill version can cool or warm water at the same time. The company also will bring a new ABF chiller to cool air for air rings and IBCs on blown-film lines.

Freeze Co. Systems Ltd., Brampton, Ont., will unveil FC-PCS1000 Series portable air-cooled chillers from 1 to 20 tons. They have stainless tanks, freeze protection, relay-logic control, and high- and low-pressure control switches.

Mokon Div., Buffalo, N.Y., will show its new Iceman Micro series portable chillers of 0.25- or 0.33-ton capacities, water- or air-cooled. These tabletop units measure 17 x 26 in. and feature non-corrosive construction, brazed-plate evaporator, hermetic compressor, and thermostat controller or optional microprocessor.

Motivair Corp., Amherst, N.Y., will introduce water chillers redesigned with user-friendly controls and a more durable cabinet for portable or stationary use.

Oilair Hydraulics Inc., Haddon Township, N.J., will introduce its first brazed-plate chiller with an integrated circulation pump and filter.

Sterling, Inc.’s Sterlco Div., Milwaukee, will introduce new stainless-steel pump-tank systems for cooling tower and central chiller systems.

Thermal Care Inc., Niles, Ill., has upgraded its chillers by replacing high/low refrigerant pressure and freezestat safety switches with new solid state electronic controls.

Meanwhile, EMI Plastics Equipment, Wickliffe, Ohio, will roll out new microprocessor-controlled water-flow regulators that monitor mold temperature and automatically adjust water flow.


Hot-water and oil units

Applied Web Systems will introduce its new 0.75-hp water-temperature controller with stainless cabinetry and lifetime seal warranty.

New from Budzar Industries, Inc., Willoughby, Ohio, are Value Line hot-oil units with 9-24 kw heaters and 1-1.5 hp pumps. These economical units are fully welded so there are no threaded connections to leak. Low-watt-density heaters and automatic bypass valves are said to prevent “coking.”

Capitol Temptrol will introduce a new line of heavy-duty stackable mold-temperature controllers, offered with pumps up to 7.5 hp.

Conair has updated its Thermolator mold-temperature controllers with autotuning PID controls and a two-piece casting that eliminates up to 40 leak-prone fittings.

Conair also has new one-piece seamless cooling towers in sizes from 10 to 500 tons. The rotomolded polyethylene units will not rust, corrode, chip, crack, or require a protective coating or painting.

Cooling Technology Inc., Charlotte, N.C., will launch its Century Series water temperature control that is accurate to ±1° F. They come with pumps from 0.5 to 3 hp and heaters from 4.5 to 18 kw.

Hampton Controls, Inc., Wendel, Pa., will exhibit its first portable mold-temperature controller. The stainless-steel unit has a 1-hp motor that delivers 60 gpm.

Injection Molding Industries, Orion, Mich., is introducing a new version of the pulsed water or oil heating/cooling system from REPS of the U.K. The latest development is the CTC 8 FH controller, which has eight closed-loop control zones (four cooling, four heating). The system is panel mounted and interfaced with the injection press controller.

Spaltech International, Mississauga, Ont., will exhibit its new Spaltemp control system, a high-capacity, skid-mounted, central circulating unit.

Two new temperature-control units are available from Sterlco. First, a new Sterlco upright water-temperature controller for use at 20-250 F has a simplified cast fluid circuit with fewer connections and mechanical parts. It provides balanced flow with lower pressure drop.

Sterlco will also roll out a new mid-size high-temperature unit for applications in the 100-550 F range.



More new cooling systems

Barrel and feed-throat cooling usually employs maximum water flow in the cooling loop, but this can cause condensation when ambient temperature and humidity rise. Condensation can add moisture to hygroscopic materials being processed, according to Burger Engineering Inc., Olathe, Kan. At the show, Burger will demonstrate its new mechanical mold-temperature regulator (MTR) as a means to monitor coolant flow in the throat and barrel to prevent condensation.

Burger Engineering’s new SWAP Valve sends purging air through a mold’s cooling-water circuits before the mold is removed from the press. The valve reportedly cuts mold-change times by 15-20 min.

New Water Blocker removable plugs from Progressive Components, Wauconda, Ill., allow diverting coolant flow within a mold’s water circuits as a means to zone cooling. An economical wrench system is also supplied.

New Aqua Breeze cooling-air system from J.E. Adams Industries Ltd., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, moves 6000 cfm with an oscillating fan that cools a 3000-sq-ft area. Portable or wall-mounted versions are offered.

A new self-contained chilled-air blower and cooling unit that requires only a 110V outlet will be exhibited by EMI Plastics Equipment.

Other new entries include a portable air conditioner from Northern Supply, div. of Milacron, Inc., St. Paul, Minn.; and mold dehumidifiers from Matsui America, Inc., Elk Grove Village, Ill.

New water-flow regulator from EMI Plastics Equipment monitors mold temperature and adjusts water flow.