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5/4/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Servo-Driven Valve-Gate System Increases Flexibility of Flow Control

Originally titled 'Servo-Driven Valve-Gate System Increases Flexibility of Flow Control'
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HRSflow features Flexflow and Flexflow One at NPE2018. The company also has its technology featured in several exhibitor booths.

NPE2018 Exhibitor


Booth: W991

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In booth W991 at NPE2018, HRSflow showcases its Flexflow Family, the new range of products including the servo-driven valve-gate systems, Flexflow and Flexflow One. To face new challenges in the automotive market and obtain the next-generation high quality parts, Tier1 and original equipment manufacturer customers need increasingly flexible flow control. The electric servo technology by HRSflow is designed for the independent adjustment of each valve pin with precise control of stroke, velocity and force during opening and closing phases. HRSflow says that this solution assures accurate, flexible control of pressures and flow rates at each individual gate during the injection process.

HRflow technology is also featured at several other NPE exhibitor booths. For exapmle, Wittmann Battenfeld (booth W3742) showcases the production of an automotive spoiler utilizing a Flexflow 5-drop hot runner system. Yizumi (booth W3343) features the production of a tool case utilizing  a 3-drop Flexflow servo driven valve gate system. Krauss Maffei (booth W403) features the realization of a lightweight center console armrest in cooperation with ProperTooling. Special features of the part include TPV overmolding, lightweighting and multicomponent (2+3) drop Flexflow systems. Engel (booth W3303) features injection molding of a high-quality grained interior trim component, realized with the In Mold Graining technology together with the back injection of PP in MuCell foaming process through 5-drop Flexflow system and DecoJEct foils of Benecke Kaliko.


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