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3/19/2015 | 3 MINUTE READ

Strong Interest Compels SPI to Expand NPE2015 Startup Garage

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Citing “overwhelming marketplace interest,” SPI has enlarged its Startup Garage to host 16 firms, accommodating more new ventures as well as potential investors, buyers, distributors and partners.

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SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association, which produces the triennial NPE, partnered with new-venture tracking firm Startup.Directory on the “garage”, which will now feature 16 startups, March 23-27 in Orlando, Fla.


Technologies that will be highlighted in the Startup Garage will include bioplastics, recycling, 3D printing, polymerization, resin processing and antimicrobial polymers. Three work specifically with graphenes, the two-dimensional carbon-atom nanostructures that used for formulating plastics composites with dramatically enhanced properties.


Startup Garage companies were selected jointly by NPE2015 show management and Startup.Directory from a group of eligible companies that applied for exhibition space online. Details on the 16 participants below:


Biobent Polymers. “Bio-composite” polymers with up to 40% renewable content from soy or other renewable agricultural products. www.biobent.com.

BiologiQ makes a revolutionary new bioplastic resin from starch powder that they call ESR (EcoStarch Resin). The ESR pellets are blendable with other resins and can be used on standard plastics processing equipment to make all kinds of plastic products. ESR is made from annually renewable agricultural resources and provides a way to increase stainability of all plastic products.www.biologiq.com

cycleWood Solutions Inc. Compostable and sustainable resins produced from lignin in tree byproducts generated during papermaking. LDPE-like film grades are 100% compostable. Injection molding grades are available in either compostable or sustainable (blended with polyolefins) versions. www.cycleWood.com.

Garmor Inc. Graphene priced for high-volume plastics applications. The company also has developed methods for incorporating graphene into plastics and shares this information with customers. www.garmortech.com.

GlowLit. GlowLit's free website provides an option for previously untapped information providers to receive market intelligence in return for their insight. Anyone can log in and check whether the last purchased they made saved (or cost) money to the shareholders. Not all companies use the same information, pounds and KGs, delivered price vs ex works, railroad order of 4,000 tons or spot orders of 20,000 lbs. We provide the data you are interested in, for your industry, location, and volumes. www.glowlit.com 

Graphenics. Engineering services and materials based on a patented process to produce graphene and incorporate it into plastic with minimal disruption of plastics processes and minimal darkening of the composite. www.plusgraphene.com.

iQLP LLC. Development of polymer materials and manufacturing processes for polymer suppliers, converters, and end users. Solutions highlighted at NPE2015 will include semiconductor packaging, film and laminate extrusion, and structural polymers. www.iqlp.net.

One Moving Part. Digital printers for all types of extrusions. As simple as "0-1-2": ZERO maintenance, ONE moving part, and TWO–the typical cost of less than $2 per day. Offering a FREE 30-day in-plant trial.

Plastic EQ Corp. Web marketplace where companies post offers of and requests for recycled plastics online. The company integrates the full sales cycle, including paperwork, payment / collection, freight management, credit check, etc. www.plastic-eq.com.

Productfast Automation. Technology for monitoring a manufacturing operation that replaces the Andon light system with wireless audio and visual effects. www.productfast.com.

QTEK. QTEK will bring "Copper-based mineral additive" and "Copper-based antimicrobial plastic masterbatch pellets" to NPE2015. QTEK technology is unique by employing ionic copper as antimicrobial agent. NSF funded research has demonstrated the antimicrobial efficiency (against bacteria and fungi), processability, durability, and environmental safety of the plastic masterbatch pellets. The mineral additive also has fire-retarding activity. http://www.qtekllc.com

Sharklet Technologies Sharklet Technologies has developed the world's first micropatterned technology to resist biofouling. The platform technology has broad applications including manufacturing applications, medical devices, and high-touch consumer surface products. Sharklet Technologies can incorporate the imperceptible micropattern into plastic products through existing injection molding or embossing practices. http://sharklet.com

Smart E2 Solutions, LLC.  System for producing fuel products from non-recyclable plastics. About a gallon of fuel is produced from 8 to 10 lb. of un-washed, un-sorted waste plastic at a cost of less than $1. www.se2sol.com.

The Center for Regenerative Design & Collaboration CDRC (Agua-Costa Rica) Aguas Pristinas S.A. Patented zero-waste beverage container and packaging system, with products designed to be recovered for re-use in other forms. One example is roofing products derived from bottles.

TiFiber Inc. Anti-microbial polymers that exhibit broad-spectrum activity against bacterial species, including drug-resistant strains such as MRSA. Among potential applications are medical devices and disposables, synthetic textiles, and consumer goods. www.tifiber.com.

Zzyzx Polymers. New “mechanochemical” process for compatabilizing, encapsulating, and fully dispersing materials into plastics, with a pilot plant established in Pennsylvania. To be highlighted at NPE2015: graphene conductive polypropylene; high-impact polyethylene; and a polycarbonate-like PP. www.zpolymers.com.