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VW Relies on Acetal for Passenger Safety

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WEB EXCLUSIVE: The seat-belt retractor system of the new VW up! city car utilizes a special high-impact, low-emissions acetal from Ticona (U.S. office in Florence, Ky.). The VW up! was introduced in late 2011. The ratchet for its seat-belt retractor system and belt buckle are injection molded of Hostaform S9364 XAP2, which has two outstanding characteristics. First, Hostaform XAP2 grades boast lower VOC emissions than the limits demanded by the auto industry. Second, Hostaform S 9364 grades are said to set a new standard for impact toughness and weld-line strength. The components are molded by KSS (Key Safety Systems), based in Sterling Heights, Mich.