Your Business In Brief - February 2009

New Compounding Facilities OpenTwo new compounding facilities have opened recently.

New Compounding Facilities Open

Two new compounding facilities have opened recently. One is the controlled-environment Ultra Clean Compounding Center at RTP Co., Winona, Minn., which is dedicated to production of compounds for sensitive applications in the medical and electronics industries. The 3300-sq-ft center (pictured) has two extrusion lines and room for two more. Extrusion, pelletizing, classifying, and packaging are contained within a positive-pressure environment with interlocks to limit access.

Also new is a 3000-sq-ft customer laboratory and training center for compounding trials, opened by Reduction Engineering Inc., Kent, Ohio. It has twin-screw and single-screw extruders and both strand and water-slide pelletizers from the former Conair pelletizer line, previously acquired by Reduction Engineering, and the C.F. Scheer & Cie line of pelletizers from Germany, which Reduction Engineering acquired last November. Scheer’s pelletizer business, formerly represented by Scheer Bay Co. in Bay City, Mich., is now called Scheer Reduction Engineering. The new lab will also have underwater pelletizers from Econ GmbH in Austria, which Reduction Engineering represents.

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For more information visit Reduction Engineering Inc's PT Online Showroom


K-Dow Joint Venture Is Scrapped by Kuwait

The K-Dow Petrochemicals joint venture of Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., and Petrochemical Industries Co. (PIC) sub. of Kuwait Petroleum Corp. (KPC), was canceled on Dec. 28, just before it was to launch on Jan. 1. The Kuwait Supreme Petroleum Council rescinded its approval of the venture due to the sharp global recession and falling oil prices. K-Dow would have taken over Dow’s PE, PP, polycarbonate and PP technology licensing busi-nesses. Dow said it was “shocked” and “extremely disappointed” by the Kuwaiti decision. For more information visit Dow Chemical Co.'s PT Online Showroom


LyondellBasell’s U.S. Operations in Chapter 11

Dutch-based LyondellBasell announced early last month that it had voluntarily filed to reorganize its U.S. operations (headquartered in Wilmington, Del.) under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. The company also announced that, pending court approval, it had made arrangements for up to $8 billion in financing to fund continuing operations. CEO Volker Trautz cited the dramatic softening in demand for the company’s products and unprecedented volatility in raw-material costs during the last two quarters of 2008. “We plan to significantly reduce headcount and reduce capital expenditures and working capital. We have idled certain facilities and reduced production and processing at others. We are aggressively exploring additional ways to lower costs and streamline operations in response to a very difficult global economic environment. Our goal during the reorganization period is to continue operations and normal relationships with customers and suppliers.” For more information visit LyondellBasell's PT Online Showroom


Tronox Files Chapter 11 For U.S. Operations

Titanium dioxide pigment supplier Tronox Inc., Oklahoma City, filed for reorganization of its U.S. operations under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code last month. The company secured up to $125 million in financing to ensure continued operations “as usual.” For more information visit LyondellBasell's PT Online Showroom


Lubrizol Acquires Dow’s TPU Business

Lubrizol Corp., Cleveland, last month purchased the TPU business of Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich. Dow’s Pellethane elastomers and Isoplast rigid TPUs are now part of Lubrizol’s Estane Engineered Polymers business, which also supplies TPUs.
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Momentive Moves

Silicone maker Momentive Performance Materials Inc. has moved from Wilton, Conn., to Albany, N.Y.
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Bayer Carbon Nanotubes Now Available in the U.S.

Having received regulatory approval from the U.S. EPA, Bayer MaterialScience, Pittsburgh, is now able to sell its Baytubes multi-walled carbon nanotubes in this country. Baytubes C 150 P and 150 HP grades are made in Germany at a plant with 132,000 lb annual capacity. Electrically conductive Baytubes reinforcements are used in epoxy and thermoplastics for skis, surfboards, hockey sticks, baseball bats, and wind-turbine blades. For more information visit Bayer MaterialScience's PT Online Showroom