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Better Options for Mold Cooling—The ‘Next Frontier’ in Process Control

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New concepts in mold temperature-control units, conformal cooling, and more in Tooling & Cooling session at Molding 2019 Conference.

People who know better than I consider mold cooling to be one of the “last frontiers” of injection molding process control—and one that is being addressed with extensive R&D from builders of both molding and process-cooling equipment. Keep abreast of this trend in the Thursday morning session of the Molding 2019 Conference in Indianapolis, March 19-21. Four of the six speakers in the Tooling & Cooling “best practices” session address the cooling side.

 •  Tom Stone of the new Aquatech unit of Universal Dynamics and Piovan North America will start the session with “New Concepts for Mold Temperature Control.” He will explain a handful of novel approaches to temperature-control units (TCUs) developed by a long-time employee of Gillette’s Plastic Mold Systems Engineering Dept.—in other words, a TCU designed by a molder for other molders to eliminate long-standing limitations of such equipment. (Read about it here.)

Here’s what else you can look forward to:

 •  Rick Hagfors of Wittmann Battenfeld: “Water—What Are the Essential Requirements for Molding?”

 •  David Moore of Milacron DME: “Conformal Cooling: The Future of Thermal Control in Plastic Injection Molds.”

 •  Mark Brown of Burger & Brown: “Optimizing Mold Cooling.”

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